The Road to Enlightenment
Title Equivalent Rank Belt Disciplines and Requirements Remark
Student III 3rd Ji (級) White

All fundamentals, including: breathing, walking, moving, punching, kicking, free sparing and mediation.

Student II
2nd Ji

All fundamentals, and Chuan-Tao forms 1 thru 3: Heaven and Earth, Black and White, and Universe.

Xue-Sheng Student I 1st Ji Brown

All fundamentals, including, Chuan-Tao forms 1 thru 4: Heaven and Earth, Black and White, Universe, and Chaos, and Shen Style Tai Chi short form.

Alternative: Shen Style Tai Chi long form can be used to substitute the Chuan-Tao forms.

Graduate 1st Duan (段) Black

All fundamentals, Chuan-Tao forms 1 thru 4, Shen Style Tai-Chi long form and short form, and push-hands.

2nd Duan

All fundamentals, Chuan-Tao forms, Shen Style Tai-Chi forms, and able to create own forms, knowledgeable on Qi and minor healing.

A Practitioner can formally teach the art upon the approval of Xian-Sheng or Fan-Shi.

Teacher 5th Duan Black

All of above. The rank of Fan-Shi is given by Xian-Sheng or senior Fan-Shi based on the merit of petitioner's contribution to the art.

To ensure the quality of the art, only Xian-Sheng, Fan-Shi, or designated examiner can give exams for advancing.

Master 8th Duan Black

Publish the knowledge of the art; live and promote the way of living as a Tao martial artist.

Xian-Sheng Enlightenment 0th (Wu) Duan White, or whatever

Tai-Chi Skiing, or whatever

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