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Those tools and weapons were practiced with in the early days:


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Iron Shoes 鐵鞋
In the old days, the practitioner wore the iron shoes to do the forms or to jump with for three years. As the shoes were off, the practitioner then could run fast or jump high easily (so-called Qing Gong 輕功). As the practitioner jumps high, then he or she could grab the edge of the roof to flip over like the gymnast.

Nowadays, I heard that one of my Sidi practiced with the shoes for training his marathon running.

Sand Punching Bag 沙包
The punching bag is good for some hand techniques training. Also it is good for head, shoulder, and abdomen training.

sifu_stone_lock Stone Lock 石 鎖
In the old days, stone lock was practiced; first to throw it horizontally in a circle, to grab it by hand, then threw it up to be held by the elbow, then threw it from the elbow up to be held by the five fingers. It weights about 10lb.

sifu_stone_ring Stone Rings 石環
The practioner will practice the forms with stone rings to enhance the lower and upper body strength.

Sand Pottery Jars 沙甕
In the old days, the jars were practiced with; the practitioner would walk with the empty jars or swing them, then added a bit of sand, then added more sand as one progressed. The jars were used to enhance the strengths of fingers. The power is useful if one wants to grab the edge of the roof or to use as tiger's claws.

sifu_saber Saber 單刀
Knife-edge should be sharp and straight as we cut. It is better to learn the saber when the Kungfu foundation is solid. There are two saber forms in our white crane system.

sifu_staff Staff 眉丈
There are iron or wooden staffs. In our white crane system, the length of staff is up to one's eye braw Level; it can be used to hit, block, or thrust with two ends of the staff. There are three staff forms and a pair-form in our white crane system.

sifu_hoe Hoe 斧頭
In the old days, hoe was the tool for farming; the practitioner used it to cut the opponent like axe.

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Credit: Courtesy photos of grandmaster Dong at his 50s and 60s

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