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Fujian White Crane Kungfu


Fujian White Crane
福 建 白 鶴 拳

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Fujian BaiHeTang 董木堯福建白鶴堂 was founded by the Grandmaster Dong MuYao. He was taught by his father and grandfather in a hand-down family tradition. Along with his deep-rooted Kungfu traditions and disciplines, Grandmaster Dong is also a master practitioner of White Crane traditional medicine, specialized in Tie-Da-Shun-Shang 鐵打損傷, "bones and joints fitting and external and internal wounds healing."

As fate has it, Grandmaster Dong was alone in Taiwan doing a short trip when the Mainland China fell to Chinese communists, he and his family were separated.


As the situation of conflicts between Taiwan and Mainland China evolved, and the family tradition could not be kept, Grandmaster Dong founded the Fujian BaiHeTang, teaching Fujian BaiHeQuan ("Fujian White Crane Kungfu") to the public, and performing healing with Tie-Da-Shun-Shang. Now, age 85 at 2004, Grandmaster Dong is well and retired in Taipei, Taiwan.

The origin of Dong family's BaiHeQuan may not be traced, it was told by the family that the most of teaching was originated from Fang QiNiang 方七娘:

External Practice 外功 - building the external strength and skills:

  Tools/Weapons 傢私: utilizing the external equipments to build the internal and external strength
  White Crane Footwork and Kicking Techniques 腳 法: building the lower body foundations and strength
  Hand Techniques 手法: building the upper body coordination and hand techniques, including Wu-Xing Hand Techniques 五行 手, and 3 Arm-Sections and 6 Hand-Positions Practice 三節, 六座

Internal Practice 內功 - enhancing internal organs' strength and functions by practicing Qi 氣, Jing 勁, and forms with one-step-one-breathing principle:
  12 Hand Techniques on Qi Practice 方七娘 十二房拳術練全身化氣
  18 Two-Person Techniques 十八房搖 肢
  Forms 拳套
-   6 forms - Sleeping Crane 宿鶴拳, Calling Crane 鳴鶴拳, Flying Crane 飛鶴拳, Preying Crane 食鶴拳, Shaking Crane 震鶴拳, and Playing Crane 遊鶴拳
-   Two-person forms - Courting Crane 母公, and Fighting Crane 對打

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Credit: Thanks Sidi Taylor Soun 宋添祺 compiling the 外功 and 內功 info for Sifu.

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