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Fujian White Crane Kungfu


Fujian White Crane
福 建 白 鶴 拳

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White Crane Forms

6 forms and 2 pair forms are practiced:

*  Sleeping Crane 宿鶴拳
      Video (1.68MB)

*  Calling Crane 鳴鶴拳
      Video (2.66MB)

*  Flying Crane 飛鶴拳
      Video (2.09MB)

*  Preying Crane 食鶴拳
      Video (1.15MB)

*  Shaking Crane 震鶴拳
      Video (1.18MB)

*  Playing Crane 遊鶴拳
      Video (1.12MB)

*  Courting Crane 母公

*  Fighting Crane 對打

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