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Fujian White Crane
福 建 白 鶴 拳

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腳 法
White Crane Footwork and Kicking Techniques

Footwork and kicking techniques include:

  To practice the legs' reflective strength on the floor 練地腿:
  • Dan Bian Fu       單蝙蝠
  • Shuang Bian Fu    雙蝙蝠
  • Fei Bian Fu       飛蝙蝠
  To practice the legs' resilience 練腿勁:
  • Yi Zi Tui         一字腿
  • Jin Jiao Tui      金交腿
  • Tong Tian Tui     通天腿
  To practice the legs' strength/foundation 練馬步:
  • Ping Ma           平馬
  • Ding Ma           丁馬
  • Du Jiao Ma        獨腳馬
  To practice the legs' reflective jumping ability 練腳彈跳力:
  • Dan Jiao Tiao     單腳跳
  • Shuang Jiao Tiao  雙腳跳
  • Fan Jiao Tiao     翻腳跳
  To practice the swiping 練掃腳:
  • Quan yue Jin      全月鏡
  • Ban yue Jin       半月鏡
  • Hui yue Jin       迴月鏡
  To practice the heel kicks 練腳後跟踢:
  • Ri Yue Jiao       日月腳
  • Ban Yue Jiao      半月腳
  • Hou Gen Jiao      後跟腳
  To practice the knife-edge kicks 練腳刀踢力:
  • Shuang Jiao Dao   雙腳刀
  • Dan Jiao Dao      單腳刀
  • Fan Yin Dao       翻陰刀
  To practice the foot steps 練腳步位:
  • Shang San Jiao    上三角
  • Zhong San Jiao    中三角
  • Xia San Jiao      下三角

Yi Zi Tui Yi Zi Tui

Tong Tian Tui Tong Tian Tui

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Credit: Courtesy photos of Sidi and Simei from Sifu

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