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Fujian White Crane
福 建 白 鶴 拳

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三 節, 六 座
3 Arm-Sections and 6 Hand-Positions Practice

3 Arm-Sections Practice 三節 is to practice transferring the Jing/Qi from upper arm to forearm, then to hand and out by moving the shoulder, the elbow and the wrist in a harmonious motion. Utilize the principle of Section-Pushing-Section Principle 節節 相推, section pushes section, Jing/Qi flow through shoulder to elbow to Wu-Xing Hands and project out as force to the intended striking position smoothly. Can be practiced by rotating shoulder join, then push out to elbow to hand.

6 Hand-Positions Practice 六座 is to practice and to enhance the strength of bottom of hand, fingers and Knuckles, can be practiced on small iron sand bag or small sand bag:

Hai Di Zou   海 底 座

Zhi Wei Zou   指 尾 座

La Zou   拉 座

Dan Zou   單 座

Pai Zou   排 座

Shuang Pai Zou   雙 排 座

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Section-Pushing-Section Principle

Understanding the principle

The body is [originally] one, Left and Right make two, Up and Down make four, which are our four limbs; each limb has two sections make eight; ten fingers have 28 sections, and ten toes have 28 sections, make a total 64 sections, which are also reflected as mind. So, if mind ever wants to move Qi to where it wants to go and maintains a balance against the external pressures at the same time, it has to coordinate all those 64 sections into one harmonious unit; it is quite a complicated balancing act. Instead of dissecting our bodies further into muscles and bones, we use the idea of 'Qi and Dan-Tian.' As Qi manifests as mind and Dan-Tian as body, we channel Qi through the body to the point where mind wants to go. We use proper breathing synchronizes Qi and Dan-Tian, with practice, we reduce the body movements, so is mind, from 64 sections to four limbs, to two sides, then to one body movement-breathing-which is now mind. As mind breathes on, we utilize Qi to move the body. As Qi balances out gravity, the body moves through space effortlessly.

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Credit: Courtesy photos of Sifu's 6 Hand-Position Practice at age 85
             By permission, Ichin Shen's Section-Pushing-Section Principle

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