Helen Shen White Crane Kungfu
黃 漢 婷 武 館


Fujian White Crane
福 建 白 鶴 拳

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Qi Calligraphy
Learn the brush strok through mastering Qi. Kungfu brushing is fun and exciting.


ht_skiing Tai Chi Skiing:
The Dance of Cosmos

Tai Chi Skiing is to ski with Tai Chi principle. It utilizes Kungfu/Tai Chi principle, flowing like water, never resist but ever persist, Tai Chi Skiing carves itself a niche into existence by flowing with the gravity. At the moment of enlightenment, body has been forgotten and mind fads away, only gravity is left behind showing of its beauty, the state of One with the universe.


Kungfu Biking     ht_bike1     ht_bike2

Kungfu Hiking     ht_hike     Sleeping Crane

Kungfu Skiing     ht_xc     Preying Crane     

Flying Crane     Playing Crane

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